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Composite Bonding

Dental bonding in Shepperton

Composite bonding, also known as dental bonding or teeth bonding is a painless and affordable way to update the look of your teeth. Composite bonding cleverly disguises chipped, cracked, gappy, pointy and uneven teeth giving you the confidence to smile again.

Find out why thousands of patients from Shepperton, Littleton, Upper Halliford, Lower Halliford, Walton-on-Thames, Chertsey and throughout Surrey are choosing to dental bonding to improve the appearance of their teeth.

What is composite bonding in Shepperton?

Dental bonding refers to a special dental putty that is colour-matched to your own teeth to give natural results.

The resin is moulded and shaped to your tooth or teeth to change the appearance. It can be used in a variety of ways, for example to make small teeth appear bigger, to conceal gaps between teeth or to make uneven teeth appear more uniform. Chips and cracks can be carefully blended away.

Teeth bonding is a painless process that takes about an hour to complete, or longer if you are having more than one tooth treated.

First, your dentist will choose a resin that most closely matches the colour of your teeth. Next, your tooth is prepared by gently scratching at the surface. A conditioning liquid is then applied to your tooth which enables the dental bonding to stick firm. The composite bonding is then gently shaped to your tooth until your dentist, and you are satisfied with the result.

Finally, a laser is used to seal the dental bonding to your tooth so that it cannot fall off.

Composite bonding treatment is reversible, so if you decide later that you want it removed, it can be carried out by a professional dentist.

Many patients from Shepperton and throughout Surrey choose to combine dental bonding treatments with teeth whitening for a completely new smile.

Benefits of teeth bonding in Shepperton

Composite bonding is an affordable treatment that will instantly update the appearance of your teeth
Dental bonding is versatile; it can be used to disguise many flaws including chipped, gappy, pointy and uneven teeth
There’s no need for a local anaesthetic or injections with teeth bonding, it is a completely painless treatment
The treatment time for dental bonding is fast with most appointments taking about an hour depending upon the number of teeth being treated
You can leave the dental surgery in Shepperton with a lovely new smile as results are instant with composite bonding
Should you change your mind, the treatment for composite bonding is reversible

Before & After Composite bonding

Dental bonding in Surrey FAQs

How do I look after my dental bonding?
You should continue to brush your teeth twice a day and floss your teeth once a day as usual. We recommend that you avoid biting into hard foods like bread rolls or chewing on items like pen lids and sellotape which increases the risk of damaging your composite bonding.

The dental bonding will not look any different to your natural teeth, but it is non-porous which means it will stain at a slower rate to your teeth. We recommend limiting the amount of dark-coloured foods and drinks like coffee, curries and red wine to slow down the rate of staining. You should avoid smoking completely.

Can composite bonding help with crooked teeth?
If you have a slight misalignment with your teeth, dental bonding may be used to re-shape your teeth so that they appear straight. Composite bonding cannot be used on more complex or severe cases of crooked teeth and for this you should consider Invisalign.
How long does teeth bonding treatment last for?
On average, composite bonding will last for about 5 years and after this time you may need to update your treatment or have it removed. However, there are lots of factors which will affect the longevity of your treatment, and these include how well you look after your dental bonding, where in your mouth you have the composite bonding, your oral health in general and the quality of the dental bonding work.