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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges in Shepperton

Dental bridges are a treatment for patients who have missing teeth. They are a good option to replace one missing tooth or a row of missing teeth.

A dental bridge consists of crowns which fit over the top of your natural teeth on either side of the gap and artificial teeth. Together they bridge the gap in your smile.

At Shepperton Dental, we have treated thousands of patients from Shepperton, Upper Halliford, Lower Halliford, Littleton, Chertsey, Walton-on-Thames and throughout Surrey. Patients like the fact that a dental bridge hides any gaps in your mouth and enhances the appearance of your smile.

Benefits of a dental bridge in Shepperton

If you have missing teeth, you should look to replace them for several reasons.

Replacing gaps will give you a more stunning smile. You’ll look younger and your confidence will get a boost

Missing teeth can affect your ability to chew and for your remaining teeth to function properly. The gap can affect how you bite, and leave food trapped in the space which can cause both tooth decay and gum disease

The gap in your mouth can put a strain on the adjacent teeth which impacts their health

A dental bridge can weaken over time due to pressure and may need replacing. It can also weaken because the supporting teeth have been filed before treatment. Dental implants do not have this problem because they completely replace the tooth and tooth root so with good care, a dental implant can last a lifetime

Whilst a dental bridge secures the adjacent teeth and stops them moving, it will not have a titanium screw placed in the jaw to replace the tooth root, so it will not protect your jaw or prevent bone loss like a dental implant does